Di Zi Gui Resources for Parents

Too busy to attend courses? No worries, here’s where you can find resources and learn with your children at home!

LISTEN – Play Di Zi Gui Fun and Easy Learning Video in the background while your child is doing other activities such as playing, reading, eating or resting.
RECITE – You child will begin to recite naturally after listening to the text for a while. As an example, my students (aged 3 to 6) are able to recite up to the first chapter (FILIAL 孝) after ten lessons.
READ – The more you read, the more fluent you become. You child will be able to memorise the full text without any stress.
 寫  WRITE – Train your child to richly embellished with allusions and quotations from Chinese Classics to captivate the readers in their Chinese compositions.

聽  To Listen 說  To Recite

Di Zi Gui – Fun and Easy Learning Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpTcwwaM2G8. Published on Dec 9, 2012. 1. Divided into sections for ease of reference. 2. Catchy rhythm. 3. Short 8 minutes only to recite in full. 4. Simplified Chinese. 5. Fun for everyone in the school or family. 6. Learn Chinese Using Chinese Classics

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Download Di Zi Gui Promo Simplified Chinese

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讀 To Read

Di ZI GUI text

Download pdf here

寫 To Write

3 to 7 years old

Di Zi Gui Character Recognition for 3 to 7 years old

Learn to recognise 1080 Chinese characters from the classic Di Zi Gui with your child TODAY! Recognise, Read and Route to the characters. The first exercise has been done for you.

8 years old and above

Di Zi Gui Writing Pad for 8 years old and above

Listen, Speak, Read, Write (听、说、读、写) are four important stages that children go through in learning their languages. This writing pad is suitable for children from 8 years and above to practise writing 1080 Chinese characters found in Di Zi Gui