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Di Zi Gui Course at S$20 only
Di Zi Gui Course at S$20 only

Different parents view and measure good behaviour in their children differently. We cannot deny the fact that cultivating good behaviour in a child is of utmost importance in addition to only making sure they do well academically.

As adults, parents have the obligation to and are responsible for their children’s upbringing.  When a child possesses good behaviour, it represents that he is a respectable person raised by respectable parents. Children learn and observe their good behaviour by what they have learned from others.

While most parents feel that they can teach their children character development and good behaviour, what then do they base their teaching on?

Di Zi Gui is a well-known secular Chinese Classics based on the ancient teaching of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. For more than 2,000 years, Confucius’ deeds have been admired by both government officials and the general public, and his character constantly emulated. His philosophy has become the mainstream of traditional Chinese culture and the basis of moral norms.

Otherwise known as the Standards for being a Good Pupil and Child, this book is based on the ancient teaching of the Chinese philosopher Confucius that emphasises the basic requisite for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others. It covers core values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony.


Equip parents and their families with knowledge and skills to develop the moral characters and values of their children and/or young ones in their families, and at the same time, promote and strengthen family bonding

Parents and their families will learn to:

  • Cultivate children’s good habits and right attitude towards their parents, teachers and peers
  • Instil  positive values and attitudes of children towards life
  • Support character development of children
  • Raise children to become morally responsible, self-disciplined citizens
  • Encourage children to quote Classics in their Chinese Learning
  • 强化《弟⼦子规》的教育,促进了学⽣生良好品⾏行的养成
  • ⽗父⺟母带头学习,成为孩⼦子的模范,⾔言传⾝身教
  • 学习倾听、欣赏孩⼦子
  • 和孩⼦子⼀一起学习,⼀起成长,共同进步
  • 引导孩⼦子在学习中⽂文时学会引经据典,提升中⽂文⽔水平

Parents’ Feedback

“The buying in for adults to believe that DI ZI GUI 弟子规 is useful for them and their families, through supported scientific research findings, data and news clippings makes it interesting and relevant. Ideas shared on how to make it work and relevant at home plus parenting tips shared were very useful”

“Glad to have the opportunity to have a deeper and richer experience of this program; to know what my 2 kids are learning.”

“Understanding the meanings behind the teaching with examples given was helpful”

“very good real life examples”

“very informative & interesting – enlightening”

Schools’ Testimonials

Very passionate speaker/trainer.  Enjoyed his sharing.  Too short session

….Kong Hwa School

Informative Workshop, great speaker

Punggol View Primary School

  • Interesting, I learnt something new today, Thank you so much for organising this.
  • Very competent trainer.
  • Excellent speaker, great to create awareness for parents.  Very good, thank you!
  • Thank you so much for the great learning session today.  We have received positive and encouraging feedback on your session

.…Zhangde Primary School

Personally, I like it that Heng Kiong managed to bring across effectively the importance and power of modelling.  Also, you reminded parents that we used to be encouraging when kids were young and we should continue to be so.  And I’m going to attempt teaching my son Di Zi Gui!

… Henry Park Primary School

Participating Schools

  • Compassvale Primary School

  • Cherie Hearts @ Charlton

  • Casuarina Primary School

  • Concord Primary School

  • Edgefield Primary School

  • Eunos Primary School

  • Henry Park Primary School

  • Juying Primary School

  • Kong Hwa School

  • Nanyang Primary School

  • Punggol View Primary School

  • Seng Kang Primary School

  • St. Anthony’s Primary School

  • St. Gabriel’s Primary School

  • Tanjong Katong Sec School

  • Zhang De Primary School

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