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Parents, are you looking for resources and help to improve your children’s Chinese language?

You child maybe in Preschools, Kindergartens, Childcare centres or Primary schools. As parents, we may well spend a lot on improving our children’s academic results. However, that does not necessarily mean our children are learning the fundamental moral values they should have in life.

Different parents view and measure good behaviour in their children differently. What are good moral values? What do parents do when they do not know what values to teach? While most parents feel that they can teach their children character development and good behaviour, what then do they base their teaching on?

Formative Training is based in Singapore specialising in Chinese Culture & Character Development and Learning. Our curriculum is based on Chinese Classics such as Confucius Teachings and Tang Poems, etc.

Formative Training has been developed with your child’s character development and learning as the priority. There are many benefits in using Chinese Classics for Chinese enrichment lessons.

Besides mastering of Chinese language skills, the incorporation of Di Zi Gui into the curriculum teaches moral and civic education as well as traditional Chinese values. Di Zi Gui is a 1080 word Chinese Classics based upon the ancient teachings of Confucius.


Like you, we believe that children are our future.  Besides helping our children build a strong foundation in Chinese, they should also be taught the right principles and values from young.  Learning Chinese using Chinese Classics can be a motivational, fun and magical experience for all students.

Moral values guide each of us to be a responsible person. To respect, care and love each other. The values must be instilled to children from young.

We adopt an approach to learning that uses activities and games to not only enable your child to increase the understanding of the Chinese language, but also to encourage their participation by having fun.

Di Zi Gui Learn Chinese
Children playing with Di Zi Gui Flash cards

There is a Chinese saying – 读书百遍,其义自见 meaning
“When a book is read a hundred times, its meanings will naturally become intelligible.”

Thus, if children start learning Di Zi Gui from young, the meanings of how to behave as a good person will remain in them for a long long time.

Below are the process of how a child learns a language naturally-

Di Zi Gui (Chinese Edition)

Di Zi Gui”” is a famous traditional enlightening book in China, as well as an excellent work of enlightening and educating children to develop a correct outlook on life and values. Compared with similar books, the book not only contains cuisive writing of example characters in “”Di Zi Gui”” and a…


Be it cultivating good values and developing moral standards from young, or aiming to master Chinese language – Parents, grab one copy of Di Zi Gui 弟子规 and start learning with your child today!

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